Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Impact Driver

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Impact Driver

Impact drivers are a very useful addition to the tools used by construction professionals and do-it-yourselfers. There are many brands and models on the market, and that makes it hard to find the best impact driver for you.

 Get Right Tools cuts through the bewildering noise of the marketplace to provide you with useful decision-making data. We provide you an overall rating of the five best impact drivers, in our opinion. In addition, we provide data on key decision-making factors so that you can look at the factors most important to your needs. Then you can make your tool-selection choice to get the best impact driver for your specific personal and project needs.

​Finding the Best Impact Driver

The main purpose of an impact driver is to drive screws -- with speed, power, and accuracy; and it is equally versatile for driving nuts and bolts, and for drilling holes in wood, plastic, or metal.

 Light weight and compact size make the best impact driver comfortable to handle for repetitive work and ideal for working in tight spaces. Most impact drivers are cordless, powered by rechargeable batteries, which means added convenience for the craftsman. Batteries are available in a variety of sizes so that you can adjust the mix of power, size, weight, and run time, to find the best impact driver to match your personal or job needs.

Green Impact Driver

The unique designs of the best impact drivers sense when more force is needed, and adds hammering action to rotational force to apply the right amount of power. This is highly effective for loosening rusted or over-tightened nuts, driving large lag screws, drilling holes in hardwood, and for many other difficult jobs.

Why Should You ​Select Your Best Impact Driver Carefully?

To identify the best impact driver, you need to consider your personal preferences, your job requirements for the range of projects you expect to be working on, and compatibility with your other tools to optimize your overall tool kit.

​The best impact driver package for you requires: the tool itself, one or more rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, a suitable array of driver bits and accessories, and a container you can carry to the job. You can mix and match to create a package that optimizes performance and cost to meet your specific work needs.

You may already have several other tools of a brand that you like, and may already have batteries and chargers that are compatible for your new impact driver, which could reduce your cost to acquire a functional package. Or, you may prefer to buy all-new batteries separately. Or, you may want to buy a "kit" that includes all the components needed. Having several batteries of different power capacities will enable you to pick the ​best impact driver combination for power, weight, size, and run time for the task at hand.

The best impact driver bits are made specialized high strength steel with a hex-shaped shank and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes for driving and drilling. You may only need a few individual bits, or small sets of a few sizes, or a large set of driver bits and accessories to cover any job situation.

It is essential to consider a few decision-making factors before purchasing so that you select the best impact driver to suit your needs.

Factors To Consider Before Buying ​The Best Impact Driver

Here are a few decision-making factors you should consider to be sure you select the best impact driver for your personal and job-related needs.

Using Impact Driver

​Impact Driver






​Max Rotary

Speed, RPM

​Max Impacts

per Minute


Price range














​Over $100

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Under $100








​* Battery not included.    Swipe Left-Right to scroll horizontally.

Torque is the measure of an impact driver's turning force, expressed in units of "inch-pounds." In simpler words, it is the power of a tool to drive a screw into a material. ​

Battery Voltage is related to torque and ​run time. ​For single-speed drivers, higher voltage values ​produce increased ​applied torque (for heavy-duty jobs) while lower voltage batteries, in the same driver, produce ​less torque (for delicate high-accuracy tasks).

Maximum Rotary Speed​, expressed as revolutions per minute (RPM), ​is an indicator of potential productivity and power -- the ability to do big jobs fast.

Maximum Impacts per Minute (IPM) represent the additional potential power of the impact driver design compared to conventional drills.

Typical Price Range ​is an approximation of prices from in-store and online retailers, including Amazon. Prices, and bargains are constantly changing so it is important to use a reliable source that is consistently known to sell at the lower end of the spectrum.​​​

Other F​actors ​- ​The Best Impact Drivers have these features:

  • ​Reverse switches and variable speed trigger function
  • LED lights focused on the work area
  • Available limited warranties in the 1-3 year range
  • Overall body length about 5 inches, not including bit
  • Lithium -Ion batteries
  • Ergonomic design with plastic cases and "rubber" grip pads
  • Weight with batteries of 2.5-3 pounds; battery weights vary depending on voltage

What Is ​The Best Impact Driver

​Here are summaries, in our opinion, of the five best impact drivers currently on the market:

​#1: DeWalt DCF887B ​Impact Driver

The De​Walt DCF887B is best impact driver for the money​ and it tops our recommendation list. ​The ​tool ​delivers an excellent user experience and efficiently covers a wide range of jobs to help professional and amateur artisans. If ​you ​are still using an outdated ​drill to get the job done; it ​is time for you to add this innovative impact driver by DeWalt to your ​tool inventory.

Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver



​​The DeW​alt DCF887B model enjoys a ​significant share of popularity on where hundreds of customers praise its specifications and performance. You can order it today from Amazon to get ​a great deal. ​

​#2: Makita XDT111 Impact Driver Kit

The   Makita 18V Impact Driver Kit ​includes the Makita XDT11Z impact driver, one 18V battery, a battery charger, and a rugged tool case. Th​is may be the best impact driver for you, ​due to its ​exceptional performance ​and the convenience of having all the necessary pieces ​to start work right out of the box​​ (with the exception of driver bits). Users can ​depend on this tool for completing a wide range of fastening and driving jobs.

The ​​highly efficient Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery system ​powers the best impact driver performance. A rapid charger is included for minimum downtime. The Star Protection ​system protects against and overheating. overloading. A built-in LED work light and the compact size ​of the XDT11Z ​make it easy to work in dark places and in close quarters. ​A ​one-touch 1/4" hex chuck ​is convenient for quick bit changes.​​ With a soft rubber grip, the tool ​significantly reduces operator fatigue. ​An all-metal gear housing adds to ​the durability and safety of the best impact driver.

​Makita's Extreme Protection Technology ​provides maximum dust and water resistance to ensure ​reliable operation in extreme worksite conditions. The XDT11Z ​has a high-efficiency 4-pole motor ​with variable speed from 0-2,900 rpm that delivers a maximum torque of 1,460 in-lb and maximum of 3,500 impacts per minute.

This impact driver is only 5​.4" long and weighs only 3.​3 pounds with battery. ​

Makita Cordless Impact Driver



​This product is ​the best impact driver ​kit that ​has all the right elements for high-precision performance at an affordable price. ​​Buyers who purchased the kit are highly impressed by the Makita package. ​It is a ​popular impact driver kit on where it maintains a steady rating. Hundreds of customers have posted positive remarks about the product. Interested buyers can order the kit today from Amazon. ​

#3: Ryobi One+ P236 18V Impact Driver

Other popular options for the best impact driver include this impressive tool that blends affordability with topnotch performance. If you don't want to spend a fortune on an expensive model; the Ryobi ONE+ P236 ​may be the best impact driver for you. It is one of the most affordable tools, built to work in the toughest of job sites. Some notable features are:

  • Tool-Free Bit Changing
  • Rubber Overmold
  • Magnetic Tray
  • plus
    Tri-Beam Led Lighting

The driver features a compact design but is anything but a delicate tool. Thanks to an impressive performance, the model continues to score review reviews from both professional and amateur users.

Ryobi One Impact Driver



Users love the power-packed performance the tool delivers without causing ​fatigue. ​That is why it is a favorite piece of equipment among hundreds of customers who have invested in this product. It ranks as a highly economical and ​may be the best impact driver to ease your DIY renovation and installation projects.

​#4: Milwaukee M18 18V Impact Driver

The Milwaukee M18 (Model 2656-20) ​could be the best impact driver for your needs. It is one of the ​most ​powerful impact drivers ​currently available on the market. Some ​​owners have even used it to ​change tires on their vehicles. However, it is engineered to serve best on ​do-it-yourself projects and commercial jobs. ​

​Some notable features of the Milwaukee M18 (2656-20) are:

  • Bare tool only 
  • Efficient Design
  • 4-Pole Frameless Motor
  • plus
    Redlink Intelligence

The Milwaukee M18 (2656-20) is a ​robust design powered by a 4-Pole Frameless motor that offers longer life, more power, and more runtime than competitors in its class of brushed motors. It is also inexpensive. A newer version, the Milwaukee M18 (2750), has a brushless motor that produces about the same performance from the same battery as the older model but is about 50% higher cost. Either version offers great value and performance.

The REDLITHIUM ​battery management system provides optimum performance and overload protection by communicating among tool, battery, and charger. The M18 battery system allows a variety of capacities and interchangeability with other Milwaukee tools.

Milwaukee Impact Drivers are powerful.



​The Milwaukee M18 (2656-20) could be the best impact driver for your needs. It is ​compact and lightweight; and it is ​ comfortable to use and hold. ​However, do not underestimate its power. ​Buyers have given good reviews about the performance of this model.

​#5: Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt Impact Driver Kit

​The versatile Bosch PS41-2A ​may be the best impact driver for you if very compact size and light weight is important. ​It is ​based on a 12V battery system that provides ​an outstanding combination of ample power, accuracy, and affordability.

​​The PS41-2A utilizes a Bosch-developed hammer and anvil mechanism for exceptional performance. The tool is famous for its feature-rich built and compact design. Some notable features include:

  • Compact and light-weight
  • 1/4 inch Hex Quick-Connect Chuck
  • 3 LED Light Ring for lighting up the job site
  • plus
    2,600 RPM
  • plus
    Designed to reach into tight corners and areas
  • plus
    Fuel Gauge for more productivity

​The Bosch PS41-2A is very compact, ​which means the tool is small enough to function in tight corners and tight spaces. The 3-LED light ring is focused on the work area to eliminate shadows. ​The Lithium-ion battery management system ​provides reliable runtime for hours of uninterrupted work​. ​

Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt Impact Driver Kit



​The product has achieved high ratings from ​hundreds of satisfied customers. The Bosch PS41-2A ​​could be the best impact driver ​​​if you are looking for a a very affordable professional-grade product to perform in harsh conditions. ​

​​Selecting The Best Impact Driver

Now that you know which impact drivers are ​best for getting the job done; you can choose a model depending on the nature of your tasks and the battery life that is most suitable for your needs. All of the products we reviewed come from trusted and authentic manufacturers. ​Therefore, you are likely to ​benefit from any model in this list  to complete your ​do-it-yourself or professional project.

​To find the best impact driver for you,​ consider the size, weight, cost, RPM, impacts per minute and battery power of a product before making the final purchase. ​You may also ​want to browse around to find additional accessories ​to complete the work package most suitable to your specific project requirements. ​

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