Bosch PS41-2A Impact Driver Review

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The Bosch PS41-2A is very compact, lightweight, and affordable; likewise it is Bosch-built to withstand all the abuse and harsh conditions found on professional jobsites. When choosing the impact driver that is best suited to your needs you should consider factors such as size, weight, cost, and features best suited for your type of work. In general, impact drivers running on 18V batteries may be more powerful but less accurate than those running on 12V batteries. Therefore, for jobs requiring high accuracy it may be wise to select a 12V tool such as the very popular Bosch impact driver  discussed in this review.  

Bosch PS41-2A is one of the best Impact Drivers for precision work.

Bosch PS41-2A Product Features

The Bosch PS41-2A  is well known for its versatility and precision. It is available as tool-only or, in addition may be purchased as a kit including batteries, charger, and tool case. Here are some of the exceptional features and specifications of this outstanding Bosch tool :

  • Light weight: less than 2.5lb including battery
  • Compact dimensions: 5.4" length (without bit)
  • Available kit with batteries, charger, and  carrying bag
  • Battery Type: 12V Lithium-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 2.0 Ah
  • Max torque: 930 in-lb
  • Speed range: 0-2,600 rpm
  • Impacts per minute: 3,100
  • 4-pole/4-brush motor for high rpm and torque
  • Quick Release 0.25-inch hex chuck
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3-LED Light Ring
  • "Fuel Gauge" for battery management
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Bosch PS41-2A Product Benefits

The Bosch PS41-2A  Impact Driver Kit includes the PS41-2A high-performance impact driver tool plus two 12V Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah batteries (BAT414), a 12V Charger (BC330), two driver bits, and a rugged carrying bag. Consequently, this kit provides a package of power, speed, and compact design that is ideal for completing a wide assortment of driving and fastening tasks - at a very affordable price.

The Bosch "Digital Fuel Gauge" takes the guesswork out of determining charge time and therefore minimizes downtime, to maximize your work-flow productivity.

This version of the Bosh impact driver (PS41) has proven to be a reliable and popular tool. However, there is a newer Bosch model (PS42) that features a brushless motor that produces speed and torque characteristics similar to the PS41; The newer model may be more efficient but its reliability is yet unproven and it costs about 50% more than the PS41. 

The Bosch PS41-2A is only 5.4 inches long (without bit) and weighs less than 2.5 pounds with the battery included. 

Bosch PS41-2A is one of the five best impact driverson the market

The Bosch-built driver system provides outstanding impact force and enhanced operation for most wood and metal fastening tasks. The compact size, light weight and ergonomic design of the PS41-A2 allows users to work comfortably for extended periods. The ability to work in tight spaces is enhanced by the 3-LED light ring that focuses on the work area.

What Others Are Saying

Hundreds of users have been highly satisfied with the performance and durability of the PS41-2A. Consequently, it maintains an excellent reputation and is one of the most affordable impact drivers on the current market.

Buying Advice

The Bosch PS41-2A impact driver is best known for its superior ergonomic design, compact size, and light weight.

In addition to the Bosch PS41-2A Impact Driver as a stand-alone tool, there are many combination kits of compatible Bosch tools and accessories currently on the market. Therefore, it may be helpful to explore both new and used (refurbished) Bosch tool bargains to create a long-term tool investment that meets your needs and expectations.

Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt Impact Driver Kit


Final Verdict

The Bosch PS41-2A Impact Driver is a reliable and durable tool; and it is highly affordable.  Therefore, the excellent combination of performance and value for your investment is the most significant reason that you should bring this product home.

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