Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver Review

Milwaukee Hex Impact Driver Review

The Milwaukee M18 2656 ​ Impact Driver is an ideal ​tool f​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​or those ​who are looking for ​lots of power and   fast results. The Milwaukee Tool company slogan is "Nothing But Heavy Duty," which explains their reputation for highly reliable and rugged Milwaukee tools .

Using Milwaukee Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee M18 Product Benefits

​Hobbyists, ​handymen, mechanics, ​and builders​ perform a wide ​range of tasks- from delicate precision work to brute force and high production rate jobs. Therefore, it is ​important ​to match your specific job needs ​with an appropriate tool design at a reasonable price. ​Here are some of the notable features of the Milwaukee M18 Model 2656 Impact Driver:

  • Milwaukee 4-pole frameless motor; most powerful in its class
  • ​1/4" Quick-Connect chuck and optimized impact mechanism
  • Compact Size - 5.5" length, 2.3 lb weight without battery
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    Speed range: 0-2,750 rpm 
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    ​Maximum torque: 1,500 in-lb
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    Maximum Impacts per Minute: 3,450
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    Battery System: M18 (18V) Lithium-Ion with Redline overload protection
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    LED light to illuminate work surfaces
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    Comfortable with excellent control and handling
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    5 Year Limited Warranty

Milwaukee M18 Product Benefits

​ The Milwaukee M18 2656 Impact Driver ​is the most powerful in its class and has the best power to size ratio among its competitors. It has also proved to be highly reliable. Therefore, this Milwaukee impact driver has consistently held high customer rat​ings and market popularity on Amazon. 

There is a newer version (Model 2750) with a brushless motor and almost identical rpm, torque, and impacts per minute specifi-cations; using the same M18 battery. The main advantage of the brushless motor is its efficiency that results in longer run-time. However, the price is somewhat higher than the older Milwaukee M18 Model 2656 and the newer version has lower customer ratings and market popularity. Either version offers great performance and value for the cost.

The M18 ​REDLITHIUM Battery System is topnotch on the market. Lithium-Ion batteries produce about 50% more run-time than the now obsolete NiCad batteries. ​The ​lithium-ion battery ​​provides ​constant power and ​torque until it is completely discharged; and can be recharged very rapidly.​

Working With Milwaukee Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee's ​RedLink Intelligence system enhances the impact driver's performance and safety by ​providing overload protection using a complex tool-communication framework that ​coordinates the charger, the tool, and the battery.

What Others Are Saying

​Users are very satisfied with the product in general. According to many, it exceeds ​their expectations. Consequently, some have even gone on to state that the Milwaukee M18 2656 ​Impact Driver​ can easily outperform some of the best products available on the market.

A lot of users are pleased how they can quickly and comfortably drive thick bolts and screws without having to give the tool a break. Others mention how comfortable it is to handle.

​​Another reason why ​many ​users go for the Milwaukee impact driver is ​the M18 RedLithium ​battery system coupled with the RedLink Intelligence system. It helps workers know when to stop and recharge the power-tool, preventing overload.

Buying Advice

​​​The ​Milwaukee M18 2656 ​ (4-pole motor) has be​en more proven for customer satisfaction and market acceptance compared to the newer Model 2750 (brushless motor).  ​The Model 2656 is somewhat more  ​budget-friendly, ​and the performance specifications and features are nearly identical. ​However, either model can be viewed as an outstanding long-term investment. ​

Milwaukee Hex Impact Driver


​Final Verdict

The Milwaukee M18 2656 ​​​​​  Impact Driver​ is a serious piece of technology, and it means business. It is a formidable power-tool that will not let you down. ​There is no doubt you will get an exceptional value for money.

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